I did not scam my way into the games

Hungarian freeskier Elizabeth Swaney, under heavy criticism about her qualifications to even compete within the Winter Games, told CNBC on Wednesday she was “striving to achieve” the level of an Olympic skier.

Swaney, actually born as well as raised within the U.S., became an internet sensation on Monday when she came in last place within the women’s ski halfpipe for Team Hungary.

Viewers were perplexed as well as captivated to see the 33-year-old’s less-than-stellar performance as well as her inability to complete even the most basic tricks like her competitors.

In an interview coming from Pyeongchang, South Korea, Swaney said she can be capable of landing several high-flying tricks on waterski ramps, such as frontflips, backflips as well as 360s.

“I have all the skills which I need to be a great competitor at the planet Cup level,” she told “Squawk on the Street.” “I just haven’t been comfortable enough yet to land those tricks on snow.”

Swaney — whose grandparents are coming from Hungary, allowing her to compete for which country — was able to land a spot on the team through a loophole. Swaney met the requirements of the International Ski Federation, which governs the sport, by finishing within the top 30 at certain World Cup events which had less than 30 competitors as well as scoring a minimum number of points.

Some have suggested Swaney’s participation within the games can be a scam.

However, Swaney told CNBC she doesn’t understand the criticism, citing her participation within the planet Cup over the last two years. “I just didn’t perform my best at the Olympics.”

Still, Swaney has gained a strong reaction coming from Twitter:

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