‘I don’t trust Barr; I trust Mueller’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday she doesn’t trust Attorney General William Barr along with suggested his statements alleging President Donald Trump’s campaign was spied on undermine Barr’s independence as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

The California Democrat also said in an interview with The Associated Press she was “very concerned” about Barr’s handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia report along with accused Barr doing Trump’s political bidding.

“He is usually not the attorney general of Donald Trump. He is usually the attorney general of the United States,” Pelosi told AP. “I don’t trust Barr, I trust Mueller.”

Barr testified Wednesday before a Senate panel of which he believes “spying did occur” on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, aligning himself more closely with the president’s views on the origins of the Russia investigation. Critics of the Russia probe note of which of which was launched during the Obama administration, though Mueller was appointed special counsel by Trump’s Justice Department.

Pelosi said Barr’s comments undermine the Constitution along with his role inside the Justice Department.

Barr said Wednesday he expects to Discharge a redacted style of the Mueller report next week, although Pelosi said of which’s only a “matter of time” before the full report is usually made public.

“We will see of which,” she said.

As House Democrats pursue oversight of the Trump administration beyond the Mueller probe, Trump has complained of which Democrats will never be satisfied. He along with his allies call of which presidential harassment.

Asked what might satisfy Democrats, Pelosi said: “I’ll be satisfied when we have a fresh president of the United States who is usually a Democrat.”

While some Democrats support pursuing impeachment proceedings against the president, however, Pelosi has kept them at a distance.

She recently brushed off impeachment calls, saying Trump’s just not “worth of which.”

although of which was before Barr released his four-page analysis of Mueller’s report, which said the president was not exonerated by the special counsel. Mueller left open the question of whether Trump obstructed justice during the two-year probe of Russian interference inside the 2016 election. Barr along with his team at the Justice Department made their own decision to clear the president of criminal wrongdoing.

Asked if she still thought Trump was not worth impeachment, Pelosi said to wait along with see the full report.

“My view is usually of which impeachment is usually very divisive inside the country, along with when we see what we need to see of which may be imperative of which he be impeached. although up until then, he’s not worth of which,” Pelosi said.

She said again, “Let us see the report.”

As the fresh Congress rounds out its first 100 days, the speaker said Democrats are doing far more than conducting oversight of the White House, even though she said of which’s their constitutional responsibility as an equal branch of government.

She said she prefers to keep the House focused on pocketbook issues for everyday Americans — lowering health care costs along with investing in infrastructure — along with fresh ethics rules.

“We are not just focusing on him,” she said. “We’re focused on what we said we might do.”