I like PayPal more, however This specific stock is actually O.K.

Square Inc.: “I like the item. the item’s fintech. I do like PayPal a little more, however PayPal is actually going so far so fast, as well as This specific one’s been stuck ever since the fabulous [former CFO] Sarah Friar left. Square is actually O.K.”

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.: “High-quality company … I think the item is actually a not bad one.”

Philip Morris International: “This specific is actually a hard one. I don’t like to recommend the tobacco stocks. [the item] does have a not bad yield. the item’s not a real cannabis play. Canopy is actually the only one I’m recommending in that will group, by the way. They’re very hard to own. So, This specific is actually a touchy subject, Philip Morris, as well as I can’t recommend the item.”

Bunge Limited: “Business is actually bad. I mean, look at the crop protection business via DowDuPont. Wow. I mean, we gotta steer clear via This specific for right at This specific point. I don’t smell a bargain. I just smell something bad.”

Greenbrier Companies Inc.: “Stay interested, however don’t pull the trigger. I’d rather see you in CSX. I think that will’s a better buy.”

LCI Industries: “You gotta be careful … that will is actually the tightest labor market from the entire world, so I think you gotta think about your raw cost expenses. however you got a not bad one. the item’s not bad. however I do worry about costs.”

AbbVie Inc.: “Look at Celgene. They were rolling over as well as then suddenly lightning struck. So I’m not gonna tell you to sell Abbvie down here. I just can’t do that will.”