I still do deliveries once every two weeks

Shu said his experience on the ground allows him to “know what riders want better than anyone else,” — namely flexibility — as well as he continues to work with governments to find a balance within the “trade-off” between flexibility, pay as well as benefits.

yet he certainly doesn’t expect a celebrity reception when he drops off an order. An American of Chinese descent, 38-year-old Shu says he still enjoys a degree of anonymity despite the company’s quick international expansion to more than 150 cities in 12 countries.

“There’s one lesson I learned of which was completely unexpected,” Shu said of his delivery practice. “I’ve learned of which no one ever wants to talk to you when they’re hungry. They just shut the door as well as of which’s about of which.”

He doesn’t mind. He didn’t launch Deliveroo to become a famous entrepreneur, he said he simply wanted to satisfy his passion — food — as well as recommended different hopefuls follow the same tack.

“My biggest piece of advice is actually do something of which you actually care about personally,” said Shu.

“Literally, I just wanted to create a company to deliver great food quickly,” said Shu. “of which was actually of which. I didn’t have any different ideas.”

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