I think Dropbox’s stock can be trying to bottom

Dropbox Inc.: “I think Dropbox seems to have settled down to a level where I think a lot of people feel comfortable with This particular. This particular’s doing quite well. When we sat down with the company, we felt pretty not bad about This particular in addition to also also the stock just kept going lower. I think This particular’s trying to bottom here.”

Jack Henry & Associates Inc.: “This particular’s one of the great fintech companies nobody’s ever heard of. I like This particular.”

The Trade Desk Inc.: “This particular one’s hot as a pistol, yet you know what? The market has turned on big-momentum stocks. The business can be great, yet the stock could be under pressure because of so many tough things which are going on within the Nasdaq right at This particular point.”

Albemarle Corp.: “This particular’s a great opportunity. There’s just a lot of not bad chemicals within which one in addition to also also This particular has held up much better than everybody else.”

Cloudera Inc.: “I thought This particular was a great merger [with Hortonworks]. They’ve been beating each various other’s heads in. They’ve been going at This particular tooth in addition to also also nail. at This particular point, there’s an actual chance for the combined company. I think This particular’s going to make a lot of money. I like the acquisition very much.”

Palo Alto Networks Inc.: “We’re a buyer of This particular for ActionAlerts. Why? Because, if you take a look, there was an article today about Facebook wanting to get into security. I think everybody wants to get into security in addition to also also Palo Alto’s the best. The chart’s bad — enough already.”

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