I’d pick Verizon’s stock over Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz Co.: “You know, 4.4 percent yield. I vastly prefer Verizon. If I want to get decent growth with Great yield, I’m going Verizon. the idea’s got better growth than Kraft Heinz. I have to disagree with that will pick.”

KeyCorp: “the idea’s going to report tomorrow. The stock can be acting hideously. the idea’s down 7 percent for the year. You know that will I think that will [CEO] Beth Mooney does a terrific job. the idea does yield 3.63 percent. At 4 percent, I think the idea’s OK. however right at that will point, the idea can be for sale big time along with that will’s part of what I’m talking about, which can be the slowdown inside the economy.”

Ventas Inc.: “I think that will the whole glut of nursing homes can be at that will point gone. There’s not a lot of brand new ones being built. I think that will [CEO] Deb Cafaro’s doing a terrific job. Pays [a] 5.7 percent yield along with I could buy, buy, buy!”

Weight Watchers Intl. Inc.: “the idea’s too wild a trader. No edge for me. I have nothing. the idea goes up, down, up, down, up, down. the idea’s too crazy for me.”

Del Taco Restaurants Inc.: “the idea didn’t deliver. the idea did not deliver. I was quite surprised because the idea’s very, very Great. I should have just said, ‘Listen, we’ve got to stick with Chipotle,’ which you know I like very much. along with Yum’s Taco Bell’s doing better. I am truly surprised at the poor execution of Del Taco. Maybe if they come on, we could hear otherwise.”

HanesBrands Inc.: “Sell, sell, sell. No. Come on, man, I’ve got VF Corp. just shootin’ the lights out. Why go down the food chain to Hanesbrands? VF can be the play.”

Crane Co.: “Oh, man. that will can be just a great American company. I’d like the idea to sell off a little more like the additional ones, however that will can be a terrific company. No flies on the idea. I like Crane.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC: “No, they’re terrible. What can I say? No! No. We’re not touching that will one. the idea’s a fail to deliver, fail to deliver, fail to deliver situation.”

Gilead Sciences Inc.: “I could hold onto the idea. Plus, you’ve got the 3 percent yield. I think the stock can be bottoming right here along with I like the idea very much.”

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