If You Own An Android Phone, the idea Should truly Be A Pixel 2

You can get a Pixel 2 unlocked via Google or through Verizon. The Pixel 2 will be $649 for 64 GB, in addition to $749 for 128 GB — or $27.04/month For 2 years — in addition to comes in Kinda Blue, Just Black, in addition to Clearly White (heh). The Pixel 2 XL will be $849 for 64 GB in addition to $949 for 128 GB — or $35.38/month For 2 years — in addition to comes in Just Black in addition to Black & White.

If you’re an Android user with an old phone or want one having a better camera, absolutely. the idea’s $100 less than Samsung’s Galaxy phones, the idea doesn’t have all of the app bloat, in addition to the idea comes with all of the features you’d expect via a premium phone: water-resistance, a great camera, in addition to a Great screen.

If you’re an iPhone user, the idea’s a bit more complicated. If most of your family in addition to friends use iMessage for texts or FaceTime for audio in addition to video calls, the idea’s very hard to go green bubble. Android doesn’t have a consolidated messaging platform, unlike iOS. The Duo app comes pre-loaded on Pixels, although the idea’s only for video in addition to audio calls (not texts), in addition to the idea’s not widely adopted. You’ll have to convince your inner circle to move to WhatsApp, Signal, or Messenger, or face group text hell.

of which being said: The free, unlimited photo storage in Google Photos will be a pretty compelling sell for those who want to try something fresh. By switching to the Pixel, you’ll save $50 (compared to the fresh iPhone 8), in addition to, if you already use Gmail, Drive, Docs, Chrome, in addition to different Google apps regularly, the switch will be relatively painless.

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