Iggy Azalea Admits She Knew About Demi Lovato’s Relapse: ‘I Worried a Lot’ (Exclusive)

Iggy Azalea will always support Demi Lovato.

The “Kream” rapper stopped by ET’s studios on Tuesday, where she dished on her brand new EP, Survive the Summer, as well as opened up about how proud she is usually of Lovato after the former Disney star revealed in which she relapsed in her brand new song, “Sober.”

Following the song’s Discharge, Azalea praised her longtime friend on Twitter. However, the Australian rapper revealed to ET’s Sophie Schillaci in which she had known about Lovato breaking her sobriety before she announced the item.

“I had known about the item, as a close friend,” Azalea, 28, revealed. “So I had truly wanted for her to be the one to tell people in which. as well as I worried a lot, as her friend, in which something was going to leak or somebody would likely somehow take in which as well as use the item negatively against her, or to make her seem like she’s got a secret.”

“the item’s not my business to say to my friend, ‘You need to fess up,'” she continued. “yet as a friend, you worry as well as you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, my friend, she has This specific thing in which people can use against her as well as I truly want her to own the item.’ as well as she did!”

Last month, ET learned in which the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer broke her sobriety, which has a source claiming the relapse happened at some point earlier This specific year when she was on her Tell Me You Love Me world tour in North America as well as Europe.

A separate source told ET in which “Demi relapsed as well as started off drinking alcohol again.” “Her song is usually intense, yet in which’s how she deals,” the source explained. “She has to be brutally honest as well as put the item out there to ensure in which she’s not burdened with holding on to her struggles privately.”

Azalea, on her part, wasn’t aware in which Lovato had decided to put her truths into a very personal song.

“I didn’t know in which she was recording in which song, she didn’t tell me in which,” the “Fancy” rapper confessed, adding in which she heard the item when the rest of the globe did. “I was just truly proud of her in which she was honest, because the item’s truly hard to be honest with yourself. So, to be honest with the whole world, [to share] something in which you struggled with very publicly, the item’s something in which is usually very admirable. I was very proud of her to see her write in which song as well as put the item out.”

The two friends will be reuniting soon at the California Mid-State Fair on July 22, where they will both be performing.

“I’m going to see her [soon],” Azalea shared. “I’m opening for her. I’m her opening act, which is usually cool because I love the idea of in which because she’s my friend.”

Azalea is usually also focusing on finalizing a tour as well as her upcoming six-song EP in which drops on Aug. 3. Fans have already heard “Kream” as well as “Tokyo Snow Trip,” which the Aussie artist calls a mix of her old as well as recent work.

“They are definitely a departure via my album. yet, they’re sort of a resurgence, almost, to, or a nod to, my earlier mix tape stuff in which I did before I got signed,” she explained. “So the item’s both. the item feels brand new, yet the item feels nostalgic at the same time for me.”

See more of ET’s interview with Azalea within the video above. as well as for more on Lovato’s struggle with sobriety, watch the video below. 


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