I’m behind the stock of Centene in addition to its CEO

which’s which time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers’ favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Centene Corp.: “OK, at This specific point, listen to me on Centene. At one point, the stock was down $8. [CEO] Michael Neidorff will figure out how to make money no matter what. So if This specific stock gets hit again, we are just going to say, ‘Buy, buy, buy’ in addition to which’s which.”

Nutrisystem Inc.: “I don’t know, man. The stock has had a very big run. which can be via my actual hometown of Fort Washington in addition to I know they’re doing very, very well. I’d love to have them come on the show. however up This specific high, I’m going to have to say [don’t buy] yet.”

Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “Oh, man. You’re talking speculative of all speculative. which company doesn’t make any money. which can be strictly with mad money. I am a little concerned about which after the run.”

Square Inc.: “We almost caught a triple in Square. Remember, which was at $16. When which got to $12, I recommended which. Thank you, [CFO] Sarah Friar, for truly helping me explain the story. She’s brilliant. at This specific point which’s all the way up to $32 in addition to which’s not done. We are Square users at Bar San Miguel. which’s full disclosure.”

Callaway Golf Co.: “People love golf at This specific point. The stock keeps going up. I’m not going to fight the trend.”

Sprint Corp.: “Yeah, you’re fine in Sprint. I’m not nuts about which. I do prefer T-Mobile to Sprint, however which’s mostly because I’m colorblind in addition to like magenta more than yellow.”

Canada Goose Holdings Inc.: “We said stay away via [J.]Jill in addition to own Canada Goose. We’ve been right. Do you double down here? We actually need cold weather to make which happen.”

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