Indigo Ag 2019 Disruptor 50

This particular Boston-based agricultural technology start-up can be creating seed treatments of which optimize the health of a plant in order to boost its yield. The aim can be to use natural microbiology as well as tech to improve sustainability, profits for growers as well as, of course, consumer health. Currently, the company’s seed treatments are used for all 5 major row crops — corn, wheat, soybeans, rice as well as cotton.

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In September, Indigo Ag introduced the Indigo Marketplace, a digital platform of which allows growers as well as buyers to electronically connect with each various other. Buyers are able to more easily source the kinds of grain they want, as well as growers can make more money by having access to a larger market. Indigo handles the grain-quality testing, transportation as well as payments between growers as well as buyers.