Inside Cracker Barrel war room, military tactics used in crisis plan

“On Monday, of which was ensuring everyone could evacuate, our payroll offices are producing sure all of our employees get paid,” Escobar said. “Right right now, the boots on the ground are assessing what’s going to be needed, are the comfort stations needed, are they sending us water, are they sending us clothes, are they sending us food. For some of our areas, they’re waiting still because of of which very slow-moving storm.”

The crisis operations team carries a full-time core group of all 5 people of which swells to about 20 during catastrophic events like Florence, she said. They’re right now meeting first thing from the morning as well as twice again throughout the day since the storm has made landfall, with hourly updates, she said.

The restaurant chain monitors a 0-mile radius around the impacted areas, she said. Unlike some other large restaurant chains such as Chipotle as well as McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel owns all of its Old Country Stores.

“Because we have to be responsible for nearly 700 stores, as well as more than 70,000 employees, we feel a great responsibility to make sure our employees are taken care of. They rely on our systems as well as protocols being error-proof to support them to get through these things,” she said.

When Jefferies’ Barish looked at three scenarios for Florence’s possible landfall of which weekend, each centered around a different mid-Atlantic city — Wilmington, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, as well as Virginia Beach, Virginia. Given the projection for high inland rains as well as flooding, Barish created a 175-mile radius around each city as well as determined how many restaurants by each chain were placed in these areas.

Bojangles’, known for its chicken as well as biscuits, has about 83 percent of its restaurants located in states directly from the hurricane’s path.

Barish estimates of which about 31 percent of Bojangles’ locations could be in danger if the storm hits Wilmington, 20 percent if of which hits Charleston as well as about 16 percent if of which makes landfall near Virginia Beach. Bojangles’ spokesman Brian Little did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Outback Steakhouse posted a note on its website, advising customers of which hours may vary in locations impacted by the storm.

Cracker Barrel’s crisis operations response team has its emergency planning down to military precision, which is actually no coincidence considering CEO Sandy Cochran is actually a former Army captain as well as its team includes several former soldiers.

“Unfortunately we do of which often. of which’s like a checklist. No one is actually sitting around wondering what are we going to do, everyone knows,” Escobar said. “Obviously every storm is actually different. In of which preplanning, of which’s a pretty smooth process.

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