Inside Justin Bieber along with Selena Gomez’s ‘Brand fresh Relationship’ (Exclusive)

Still, the source says a reunion between 23-year-old Bieber along with 25-year-old Gomez is usually “awkward,” given which her friends haven’t exactly been a fan of the “Sorry” singer since the two dated on along with off by 2011 to 2014.

“Selena’s friends often told her which she was way better without him along with which he’s not not bad for her, along with which she needs to stay strong along with move on, nevertheless she never gave up on him,” the source notes. “Yes, she moved on along with started off putting her own needs first, nevertheless, she never hated him.”

Though, according to our source, Bieber has changed significantly since the two broke up by re-establishing his faith along with surrounding himself with better influences.

“This particular type of Justin is usually exactly the type of guy [Gomez] always wanted to be with — along with the type of guy she always knew he was deep down,” the source says.  
“This particular shouldn’t even be considered ‘getting back together’ — the item’s genuinely a brand fresh relationship,” the source continues of where the two stars stand today. “They are both different people along with their relationship today is usually completely different.”

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