Inside Nikki Bella’s Awkward Bachelorette Party Before Calling Off Wedding With John Cena

Nikki Bella’s dream bachelorette party didn’t go exactly as planned.

In a sneak peek clip coming from the all-fresh episode of Total Bellas, the 34-year-old wrestler’s twin sister, Brie Bella, tries to help make the classy soirée less “boring.”

The footage, which was filmed shortly before Nikki called off her engagement to John Cena, shows the bachelorette crew sitting at a restaurant table in Paris, France, in awkward silence.

“Something that will could be kinda fun that will we could do for you, like nothing cheesy, we could do, like, little dares,” Brie suggests. “Not dares like, ‘Go show your boobies out from the park,’ however you know, funny little things, to make the idea bachelorette.”

Their brother, JJ Garcia, then steps up, daring Nikki to scare one of the waiters.

“I want you to get under the table, as well as when one of the French boys come in, I want you to scare him!” he exclaims. “Grab them by the legs like, ‘Ahhh!'”

Nikki accepts the dare, however hilariously fails the challenge. “I don’t want to come out, I’m so embarrassed,” she jokes.

Watch the idea all go down below:

Nikki as well as John’s ups as well as downs are currently being played out on Total Bellas, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E! Earlier that will month, however, the brunette beauty explained to fans where their relationship actually stands today.

“Right currently, we’re just friends,” she revealed on the vlog she shares with Brie. “We’re working on each different as well as trying to work on us, as well as we talk every day.”

“He is actually not only my best friend, however he truly is actually one of the best people I have ever met, as well as he has patience with me as well as he has genuinely taught me a lot over the last few months, as well as I think one of those things is actually an inner strength that will I thought I had, however didn’t realize how strong I had the idea,” she added. “I know for some people … they look at that will as a very negative thing, however… I don’t want to be someone who gets a divorce, or who has kids as well as gets a divorce. I truly want to walk down that will aisle, I want to give my vows as well as I want that will to be one time.”

Hear more from the video below.


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