Inside *NSYNC’s Pop-Up Shop With JC Chasez (Exclusive)

*NSYNC is usually pulling out all the stops to thank their fans for getting them a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — starting having a special pop-up shop. 

The band’s Dirty Pop-Up runs coming from April 28 to May 1 in Los Angeles, in addition to only ET got a sneak peek inside with JC Chasez on Friday morning! 

The former boy bander showed ET’s Lauren Zima all around the *NSYNC-themed spot, complete with special merchandise in addition to photo activations to celebrate 20 years of *NSYNC. 

“Some of us keep more than others. Joey [Fatone] happens to be a pack rat,” he explained of where the museum full of items came coming from. “Some of that will stuff is usually just all fresh, never seen before.”

The pop-up shop includes several of the band’s iconic looks — some more questionable than others. “I’m proud of them all!” he jokingly confessed, revealing he has no fashion regrets coming from his *NSYNC era. “Rhinestones, studs. Man, multi-colored hair, chin-striped beards, I ain’t scared!”

For Monday’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, however, Chasez said they “agreed on dressy casual.” The event will mark initially he, Fatone, Justin Timerblake, Chris Kirkpatrick in addition to Lance Bass have all been together since Chasez’s 40th birthday party in 2016 — in addition to while he admitted they all text constantly, he said fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a musical reunion. 

“For me, [Mickey] Mouse Club was high school, *NSYNC was college in addition to today I’m living life!” he explained. “I think everybody goes through those different phases, in addition to that will’s also what can make us relatable to a lot of people. We’re just doing the idea like everybody else.”

“For the record, when we found out about the star, we hadn’t been creating brand-new products or anything like that will. nevertheless when we thought about the idea… we decided, ‘We’re going to do some fresh stuff for them,'” Chasez recalled. “Over the next few years, we’ll give them a few more things. nevertheless, literally, we are today creating brand-new stuff everyday.”

“We’ll still give them a little bit here in addition to little bit there, nevertheless there aren’t any plans for music,” he shared. “There are no talks about a reunion tour today. You get cool merch for today, in addition to then the future is usually what the idea is usually.” 

Bass spoke more about the pop-up in addition to what fans can expect coming from *NSYNC’s Walk of Fame ceremony while chatting with ET last week. Watch below. 

The Dirty Pop-Up Experience, coming from *NSYNC in collaboration with Epic Rights, runs coming from April 28 to May 1 at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood. For more information, visit 


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