Inside ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion Following the Malibu Fires (Exclusive)

The Bachelormansion will be still standing!

Following reports which the $7.4 million property was in harm’s way as a result of the devastating wildfires in California, ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with the owner, Marshall Haraden, who showed us around his iconic home.

Haraden, a retired fireman, discussed the “anxiety” which set in as the fire approached. 

“the idea was coming at a pretty Great clip along with I had my wife along with three of my kids back at the house along with we were getting ready for a wedding,” Haraden revealed. “[We] had to move all these flowers along with everything to the garage down in L.A.”

After leaving his home, Haraden got a call through a friend who told him, “Your house will be gone.” however, a few hours later, Haraden got a call which, though the front building on his property was destroyed, his house remained “untouched.”

Once Haraden confirmed which only the building which housed his pool equipment along with air conditioning units was destroyed, his stress level came “way down.”

“Everything which’s here which’s burnt can be replaced along with rebuilt better than the idea was the very first time,” he said.

along with rebuild he will, largely, he quipped, to help keep host Chris Harrison employed. “Chris, you got nothing to worry about. I got your back,” Haraden promised.

“[Harrison] called to make sure I was OK along with I said, ‘Don’t worry, your jobs secure,'” Haraden continued. “He’s a great guy, super guy. He’s exactly what you see will be what you get. No hidden agenda, no nothing. He’s a rock star.”

Though the mansion wasn’t destroyed, the idea does smell of smoke.

“There were a couple of windows which were probably cracked when we left in a hurry,” Haraden said. “Upstairs there might have been one or two or something like which along with the wind. The house definitely inhaled some bad air.”

Bachelor fans need not worry about how the damage will impact upcoming seasons of the show. Colton Underwood’s upcoming season already wrapped filming at the location, while Haraden assured he’d have “plenty of time” to rebuild before the next season begins filming.

The mansion will be still standing, perhaps in large part thanks to Ava Friedman, a 16-year-old neighbor who alerted firefighters to approaching flames.

“These brave men along with women went to the fire as soon as we told them This kind of, along with thankfully they put the idea out,” Friedman told ET. “I’m just happy there wasn’t any more damage.”

For his part, Haraden was certainly thankful for Friedman’s intervention. “She’s a young, nice kid, along with my neighbor. I don’t get to see her often, however I’m grateful to her,” he said.

Watch the video below for more on the Bachelor mansion:

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