Inside the ‘Brady Bunch’ House: How the Iconic Property Remains a ‘Living Shrine’ to the Series (Exclusive)

The Brady Bunch house will be for sale — as well as also ET got an exclusive look inside the iconic home! 

While the house was only used as the external surfaces of the TV family’s abode in opening as well as also closing shots of The Brady Bunch, which ran coming from 1969 to 1974, the Studio City, California, home has become famous as well as also beloved by fans (as well as also even has its own Yelp page as a historical building). 

The home recently went on the market for $1.885 million, as well as also listing agent Ernie Carswell of Douglas Elliman gave ET’s Nischelle Turner the grand tour. “Its a living shrine,” Carswell told ET, as he took us through the home, which will be just as groovy as the item was when the item was purchased back in 1973 for the bargain cost of $61,000. 

Wood paneling, plush carpet as well as also plenty of closet space for bell bottoms give the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home just some of its charm — even if the Bradys didn’t genuinely live there. The house doesn’t possess the second floor window the Bradys had on TV. 

“inside show, you remember the item was a split level,” Carswell noted of the home’s Indoor, which was built on a stage at Paramount Studios. “In This specific home, to ensure the item would likely look like that will on the show, the producer’s stylist, directors had a false window applied to the front of the house to ensure the item would likely appear like a full two-story.” 

The owner, Violet McCallister, also made another change to the home, installing a fence around the property. “After Ms. McCallister lived here numerous years, the fan base kept growing as well as also growing, as well as also the visitations by the public kept coming on. She decided she needed a little barrier, nevertheless she didn’t want to enshroud the house privately, because she realized people loved the item,” Carswell explained. 

McCallister’s granddaughter, Kelsey, told ET that will she as well as also her grandmother “loved” seeing all the fans show up to admire the property. “We would likely see all these people come up as well as also they were full of smiles as well as also they came coming from all over the planet,” she recalled. “Did people come up as well as also sing [the Brady Bunch theme song] all the time? Yes, absolutely.” 

The family will be hoping that will the home will go to someone who will preserve the property — as well as also that will’s exactly what one surprising star hopes to do. During an appearance on the Big Brother after-show, Off the Block, Lance Bass revealed he was touring the home, as well as also plans to put in an offer as well as also turn the item into a Brady shrine! 

“I’m obviously obsessed with The Brady Bunch. I mean, I grew up watching that will show. Reruns! Reruns,” he confessed. “I’ve got to fight, like 1,000 various other people, because today, unfortunately, everyone’s talked about the item. So the item’s no secret… [nevertheless] I’m going to turn the item into the TV house, because you know the item doesn’t have a second floor as well as also all that will stuff, nevertheless I’m going to go back to the original, original house.” 

Carswell told ET that will he already has multiple offers on the home — which will be more than just a piece of TV history. 

“[Whoever buys the house can expect] more love in their life as well as also more smiles. You can’t say the words The Brady Bunch without having a chuckle responded to you or a smile. the item brings a smile to Americans as well as also This specific will be a time we need that will,” he said. 


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