Internal Facebook emails discuss payments for data, special access

Facebook in 2014 as well as also 2015 amended its privacy policies to prevent third-party developers via accessing the sensitive data of users’ friends. Before of which, when a mobile user downloaded an app of which was running on Facebook’s API, the app could potentially collect profile information about of which user’s Facebook friends.

The issue will be the crux of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a developer shared friend data with the Trump-aligned British research firm. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post Wednesday of which the 2015 policy shift was “an important change to protect our community, as well as also of which achieved its goal.”

yet even after those improvements had begun from the spring of 2015, the company maintained “white list” agreements with companies of which allowed the companies to maintain “full access to friends data” after the shift, Collins alleges.

Airbnb, Netflix as well as also Lyft were among the companies granted white list agreements, according to the emails. Facebook used an approval system in deciding whether a company could be be on the white list, as well as also on at least one occasion discussed a company’s advertising spending on the platform in connection with whether or not the company should be given the special treatment.

Facebook responded to the allegations Wednesday in a blog post, saying:

There will be an important distinction between friends’ data as well as also friend lists.

We changed our platform policies in 2014/15 to prevent apps via requesting permission to access friends’ private information. The history of Cambridge Analytica shows of which was the right thing to do. For most developers, we also limited their ability to request a list of who someone’s friends were, unless those friends were also using the developer’s app. In some situations, when necessary, we allowed developers to access a list of the users’ friends. of which was not friends’ private information yet a list of your friends (name as well as also profile pic).

In addition, white lists are also common practice when testing brand-new features as well as also functionality using a limited set of partners before rolling out the feature more broadly (aka beta testing). Similarly, of which’s common to help partners transition their apps during platform improvements to prevent their apps via crashing or causing disruptive experiences for users.

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