Iran deal pullout sends bad message to North Korea

Following the historic signing of a peace agreement in April between North in addition to South Korea’s presidents inside the border truce village of Panmunjom, hopes are high for progress on peace in addition to nuclear talks between the two longtime adversaries in addition to with the U.S. yet Trump’s Iran move casts an unfavorable light on his negotiating position, Ban said.

“at This specific point they’re on the verge of agreeing a very grand in addition to big agreement between U.S. in addition to North Korean leader, in addition to there was very historic agreement between South Korean president in addition to North Korean leader in Panmunjom. Then all This specific agreement, having seen what happened to JCPOA in Iran, what kind of message North Korea’s leader will have?”

Ban added of which he had long been warning the Trump administration against leaving the JCPOA, yet to no avail. “at This specific point of which has been done, I sincerely trust of which President Trump will have a successful meeting in addition to convince North Korea of which This specific time, the U.S. will be strongly committed, together with South Korea.”

Ban also discussed his skepticism over North Korea’s sincerity in its pledges, recounting four previous instances going back to the 1990s in which the North backtracked on its agreements to work toward denuclearization.

Asked if Trump was deserving of a Nobel Prize, as was suggested by the South Korean President Moon Jae-In, Ban was reserved.

“I do not want to prejudge, or impinge upon the judgment in addition to integrity of the Nobel Committee,” he said. “This specific is actually up to them to decide.”

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