Italy’s far-right populist PM candidate loves Trump’s tariff policy

Donald Trump’s brand new tariffs on imported steel along with aluminium did not receive a negative comment coming from all Europeans. “Eurosceptic” politicians welcomed This particular. Among them, Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian far-right Northern League, who has openly embraced the U.S. president’s push for more tariffs.

Salvini, 44, took over the party in 2013 coming from its founder, Umberto Bossi. He has been an omnipresent media figure who has used the country’s growing economic discontent, along with wariness about immigrants, as a vehicle to reach voters. The PM candidate can be in favor of Italy’s exit coming from the euro which he has called a “Germany currency” which has damaged Italy’s economy.

With Italian elections on March 4, Salvini made a pledge: “If Italians will choose me as prime minister I will [impose tariffs] like Trump. I will defend Italian workers along with entrepreneurs even if This particular means putting up tariffs to protect the ‘made in Italy’ brand.”

Salvini’s party has been gaining ground ahead of Sunday’s elections in Italy.

Austerity policies along with unpopular reforms have empowered the populist parties in Italy as they have in Greece along with elsewhere in Europe. The anti-establishment a few Star Movement, the far-right Northern League along with Brothers of Italy, another far-right eurosceptic party, have accumulated great power over the pro-European forces expressed by the ruling Democrats along with Silvio’s Berlusconi Forza Italia party.

Italy’s weak economic growth which lags the rest of the euro area has given these populists ammunition. Currently, Italy has 1.5 percent GDP growth versus 2.4 percent for the rest of the eurozone. The eurosceptic Italians are accusing globalization for the economic weakening of Italy along with This particular narrative has become common with many within the electorate. They point to the fact which 20 percent of Italy’s manufacturing industry, which was the largest in Europe after Germany’s prior to the adoption of the euro in 2002, has been destroyed, along with about 40,000 companies have disappeared.

Adopting political positions against globalization, similar to President Trump, they preach which the economic backwardness of Italy has its roots within the immensely degraded political culture of the country’s elite, which, within the last few decades, has negotiated along with signed countless international agreements along with treaties without ever considering the real economic interest of the country along with without any meaningful planning of the nation’s future.

The far-right eurosceptic parties argue which previous governments never recognized which indiscriminate opening to Asia’s light industrial products would likely destroy Italy’s once leading industries within the same sectors. They also accuse previous governments for signing the euro treaties without taking into account the implications which handing monetary policy over to the ECB would likely have on Italy’s national sovereignty.

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