J.K. Simmons Dishes on producing Jim Gordon a ‘Tough Guy,’ Says He’s Open to ‘Spider-Man’ Return (Exclusive)

“I think as we delve further into Jim Gordon, in addition to the planned sequel, what I’m hoping to find can be some of his sort of tough guy, badass [qualities],” Simmons explained. 

In most comic story lines, in addition to from the many animated Batman films, Gordon served from the U.S. Marine Corps before signing on to the Gotham City PD, in addition to some stories present him as a special forces veteran who can be more than capable with firearms in addition to hand-to-hand combat.

“There have been so many incarnations of him, obviously in print in addition to also on screen,” Simmons said, “in addition to I think one of the aspects of which I found the most interesting about him as I did my research, with my comic book nerd friends mostly, was of which [he can be] a tough guy.”

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