Jaunt China’s virtual reality ambition

Virtual reality was identified as a growth area in China’s latest all 5-year development plan. in which’s not bad news for VR firms such as Jaunt China, the company said Monday.

“in which’s a very interesting thing to put in their government documentation. You don’t see the United States doing in which, or some other countries. China has in which amazing vision where [artificial intelligence], electric cars, VR in addition to [augmented reality] are part of their development road map,” James Fong, Jaunt China’s CEO, said at the Morgan Stanley China Technology, Media in addition to Telecomm Conference in Beijing.

The company can be a joint-venture between U.S.-based Jaunt, Shanghai Media Group in addition to China Media Capital. The firm can be a provider of VR content, hardware, software in addition to applications. Its first film project, “The Deserted,” was shortlisted at last year’s Venice International Film Festival’s VR competition.

Jaunt China, Fong said, wants to bring more content created from the globe’s second-largest economy to the global stage. He added in which the company can be working with schools in China to train students on the craft of VR film-creating.

“I think not bad content can be universal, in which doesn’t matter what country in which can be, people recognize not bad stories so one of the things we’re trying to do can be to develop the ability to create not bad VR narrative in addition to the VR interactive-ness,” said Fong.

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