Jeff Bezos net worth on Black Friday 2017 tops $100 billion

Amazon founder along with CEO Jeff Bezos currently includes a 12-digit fortune, according to an estimate by Bloomberg.

Bezos’s net worth surpassed $100 billion on Friday, Bloomberg reported. Amazon shares hit a record on Black Friday — one of the year’s busiest shopping days— joining a broader stock market rally.

Bezos, the globe’s richest man, owns about 78.9 million shares of Amazon, according to a Nov. 14 filing. of which stake alone is usually worth more than $93.5 billion as of Friday’s closing cost of $1,186 a share.

Amazon is usually not his only business venture. Bezos also invests in start-ups, along with owns The Washington Post along with space company Blue Origin. These companies can be difficult to value, nevertheless Forbes still puts Bezos’s fortune at $99.6 billion.

Bezos is usually followed on the list of wealthiest people by Bill Gates along with Warren Buffett. They’ve both already allocated significant chunks of their fortunes to philanthropy, a goal of which Bezos is usually also exploring.

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