Jeff Bezos will be Still The Richest Person inside entire world After Finalizing Divorce Details With Wife MacKenzie

MacKenzie Bezos announced in a tweet Thursday of which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will keep 75% of their shares inside company in addition to voting control of her shares as the couple finalizes details of their divorce after 25 years of marriage. She also said Jeff will retain all interests inside Washington Post in addition to aerospace company Blue Origin.

MacKenzie exits the marriage among the richest women inside entire world, in addition to Jeff maintains his position as the entire world’s richest person, according to Forbes.

“Grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff with support coming from each various other in addition to everyone who reached out to us in kindness, in addition to looking forward to next phase as co-parents in addition to friends,” she said.

Jeff Bezos said in a separate tweet of which he will be grateful for friends in addition to family for reaching out with encouragement in addition to love. “MacKenzie most of all,” he said. “I’m grateful for her support in addition to for her kindness in This kind of process in addition to am very much looking forward to our brand-new relationship as friends in addition to co-parents.”

MacKenzie Bezos was a key player inside Amazon origin story. The couple married while working at the brand-new York–based hedge fund D.E. Shaw inside early ’90s. She was inspired by Jeff’s vision for Amazon in addition to drove the couple across the country to Seattle as he wrote a business plan for the company on a laptop in addition to called a Seattle attorney to incorporate the startup.

After more than two decades together, the couple announced they were splitting up in January, just before the National Enquirer reported the idea had text messages confirming Jeff had been having an affair with Lauren Sanchez, a news anchor in addition to pilot.

The scandal escalated in February when Jeff published a statement on Medium accusing the tabloid of blackmailing him over dick pics in addition to various other revealing photos in addition to texts he shared with Sanchez during his marriage to MacKenzie. Gavin de Becker, a private investigator hired by Jeff, said in an article This kind of past weekend of which his investigation shows people connected to the Saudi government accessed the Amazon CEO’s phone.

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