Jennifer Garner in addition to Her Stunt Double Dish About Their Longtime Friendship (Exclusive)

For Jennifer Garner’s upcoming action revenge thriller Peppermint, the former Alias star racks up a serious body count as she blasts her way through a legion of bad guys. yet, to get into peak combat form, Garner got a little help by her longtime stunt double, Shauna Duggins.

ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with Garner on Friday, while promoting her upcoming thriller, where they were joined by Duggins who dished on the film’s intense fight sequences in addition to her bond with Garner.

The actress said which Duggins, who will be one of her “closest friends,” pushed her to get into the headspace she needed to throw a punch or shoot a gun having a fiery vengeance. As for Duggins, she’s learned how to get into Garner’s headspace when she needs to double for her.

“I just become her at times,” said Duggins, who added which Garner definitely sets the bar high when which comes to being a warrior. “Come on! Just look at the action in addition to how badass she will be!”

The pair also gave Frazier a bit of a demonstration in stage fighting, with Duggins in addition to Garner both showing off their moves. 

While Duggins has been from the screen fighting game for years, she had nothing yet praise for Garner’s skills in addition to determination. “which’s her the whole movie,” she said. “You see which on her face the whole time.”

“yet she would likely come in in addition to fix me in addition to I would likely do which again in addition to then I would likely look closer to what she did,” Garner said, referring to the movie’s brutal combat scenes. “yet I’ll never be like her… She just always takes anything in addition to which’s just elevated when she does which.”

In Peppermint, Garner plays a woman whose husband in addition to daughter are murdered in a drive-by. When she awakes by her coma, she dedicates her life to learning how to fight in addition to kill, then seeks out those who took everything by her.

“which will be hard R action. which will be not a family movie or Miracles by Heaven,” Garner told Frazier, referring to her 2016 religion-themed drama.

While Garner has mostly appeared in grounded dramas in addition to family comedies in recent years, she’s certainly no stranger to action — including her turn as Elektra in 2003’s Daredevil in addition to 2005’s Elektra, in addition to her all 5-season run on J.J. Abrams’ ABC spy thriller Alias, which came to an end in 2006.

ET previously caught up with Garner at CinemaCon in Las Vegas back in April, where she said which “felt great” to be a part of a movie which included a stunt team again.

“My stunt double in addition to I have worked together since I think the third or fourth episode of Alias… So she’s like my sister,” Garner said of her reunion with Duggins. “So [which’s been great] for the two of us to get to be together every day, to train together, to go back to all of which.”

For more on Garner’s intense training in addition to a look at some impressive fight moves with her stunt double, check out their full interview on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Aug. 20. Check here for local listings.

Fans can see just how action-packed in addition to dark Garner’s revenge journey gets when Peppermint hits theaters Sep. 7.

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