Jennifer Garner Says Goodbye to Her Beloved Chicken Regina George — Watch

Regina George, age eight months old (we think), has passed on by natural causes.

She was Jennifer Garner’s beloved chicken in addition to reading companion.

Garner posted a moving tribute to the expired fowl on Monday on Instagram, in a somber collage providing a wistful stroll down memory lane. There were the long walks together, the reading of the newspaper, the time spent on the swing, a lot of pecking at the ground…

An octagonal grave marker marks Regina George’s final resting place.

“Please enjoy This specific tribute to Chicken Regina George who passed away by natural causes,” Garner wrote. “🐔💔 #shewasourfavorite #RIP#shelivedagoodlife.”

The two met in November, hitting the idea off immediately. Garner named the hen Regina George after the Mean Girls character, gave her a nice, blue leash in addition to took her to her brand-new forever home.

“Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, in addition to kale,” Garner wrote at the time. “Regina hates….carbs. #shesanicechickenbutaMeanGirl #MeanGirlsthemovie #ithinkshehasaburnbook #cluckcluck.”

So with the help of Shakespeare, we say: Rest in peace, Regina George.

currently cracks a noble egg. Goodnight, sweet princess: 

in addition to flights of chickens sing thee to thy rest!

For more celebrities in addition to their unusual pets, watch the video below.

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