Jennifer Garner will be a ‘Chicken Lady’ currently — See Her Hilarious Instagram Pic!

All aboard the chicken train!

Jennifer Garner has officially joined Hollywood’s “chicken lady” club, taking to Instagram on Monday to share a cute snap showing her taking a stroll having a chick on a blue leash.

“If there isn’t a Chicken Lady Day 🐣, there truly should be,” Garner captioned the photo. “Man, my life gets more exciting all the time.”

Garner then shared which she named her feathered friend after the Mean Girls  character Regina George, who was played by Rachel McAdams within the hit film.

“Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, in addition to also kale,” Garner wrote. “Regina hates….carbs. #shesanicechickenbutaMeanGirl #MeanGirlsthemovie #ithinkshehasaburnbook #cluckcluck.”

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