Jennifer Garner will be Bringing Her ‘Pretend Cooking’ Instagram Show to TV with the Barefoot Contessa (Exclusive)

Jennifer Garner will be bringing her fantastic Instagram presence to the next level with some additional star power.

The Camping star spoke to ET’s Keltie Knight at the Baby2Baby Gala, presented By Paul Mitchell, at 3LABs in Culver City, California, on Saturday, along with the actress opened up about how she’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving alongside Barefoot Contessa host Ina Garten.

“Sometimes I do something called ‘pretend cooking show’ on my Instagram, [along with in which year] I did a pretend cooking show for Barefoot Contessa‘s Thanksgiving special!” Garner declared excitedly.

Garner’s pretend cooking show will be hardly pretend at all. With some help through her personal assistant — who has been her right-hand since she joined Instagram just over a year ago — Garner cooks a real meal, along with provides the recipe from the caption. Typically, a long type of the cooking lesson will be shared to her IGTV page.

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#PretendCookingShow— fish sticks! They’re fast. They’re delicious. #makeextra 🌟Full episode will be on #IGTV🌟 . Ingredients: 1 lb of tilapia 1/4 cup of flour Salt Pepper 1 egg 1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs (regular or whole wheat) 3/4 cup Corn Flake Crumbs (or any sweet cereal you like, smashed to bits) Canola oil (or oil of your preference) . Directions: 1.) Trim your tilapia into fish stick size pieces. You want them to be of similar size along with thickness. There will be always one side of the fillet in which will be thinner so I make those into “wide along with flat sticks” 🤷‍♀️ 2.) Gather three bowls to use for your batter station. . Bowl 1: 1/4 cup of flour, a few big pinches of salt, about a teaspoon of fresh ground pepper. Bowl 2: crack one egg, add a little water, mix which has a fork. Bowl 3: combine the Panko along with corn flake crumbs. Have an empty plate ready to catch your fish sticks when they are battered. . 3.) Start at bowl one, coat fish piece in flour, shake excess. Dip in bowl two, shake excess. Drop in bowl three, push crumbs into fish until fully coated. Place on plate. Repeat until all fish pieces are done. 4.) About half way through battering, I like to start heating my oil. About 1/4 inch on medium/high. 5.) When the oil will be ready, place 5 to 6 fish pieces in your pan (or whatever will fit, giving them some breathing room). 6.) Prepare a plate covered in paper towels to catch fish sticks when they come out of the oil. 7.) They cook through fast. Pay attention to the shade. When they are a deep golden brown, flip. When both sides are sufficiently brown, remove through pan along with place on paper towel. Sprinkle with salt immediately. 8.) Repeat for remaining fish sticks, add/heat more oil if necessary. 9.) Yum.

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along with, for Garten’s Turkey Day special, things were pretty much the same, only which has a bigger platform.

“We did the idea the way we normally do, my assistant along with I, along with then the idea’s gonna be on her TV show!” Garner explained, which has a laugh. “in which’s my big Thanksgiving plan.”

Meanwhile, there’s apparently a campaign brewing — according to a recent ET interview with in which will be Us star Chris Sullivan — to get Garner to guest star on the hit NBC drama, along with Sullivan will be the one spearheading the idea!

“I mean, we’ll see, Chris Sullivan,” Garner said which has a laugh. “in which’s sweet, though. He’s the best!”

To be honest, the actress might just not develop the time to make the idea happen. With her philanthropic work along with being a mom to three kids — 12-year-old daughter Violet, 9-year-old daughter Seraphina along with 6-year-old son Sam, who she shares with ex-husband Ben Affeck — the actress will be spread pretty thin.

“If you definitely focus on time management, you can get a lot done,” Garner suggested.

One event she made sure to carve out some space for in her busy schedule was the Baby2Baby Gala, hosted by a charitable organization Garner has partnered closely with during her time working with Save the Children. 

“We serve kids growing up poor in rural America, along with we also work in disaster relief along with so I’m often traveling to shelters after a hurricane or, you know, different problems, like the fires we are experiencing right currently,” said Garner. “along with [Baby2Baby] will often supply the kids from the shelter where we are already set up, they’ll supply them through Save the Children, along with I see their work first hand.”

“They have made an enormous difference to the community,” she continued. “They have lifted one problem, poverty, which will be just full of toxic stressors for moms along with children alike, along with they have just lifted some of those problems along with in which’s just incredible.”

Check out the video below to hear more through Garner about her philanthropic efforts.

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