Jessica Chastain on Refusing Unequal Pay, Declining Traditional Female Roles & Being a Role product for Girls

Chastain also shares how she’s extra picky about the roles she takes in her quest to “break free” of female stereotypes from the film industry.

“I am not one to go for traditional female roles, because I don’t think traditionally female characters are very interesting, along with also I don’t think they represent real life,” she explains. “I’m working hard to break free of stereotypes which the film industry has created along with also nurtured around women.”

Photographed by Matthew Brookes, Chastain looks stunning in a plunging Calvin Klein Collection dress along with also Tiffany & Co. bangle along with also ring. The article — promoting her upcoming role in Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game — also features gorgeous photos of the actress rocking Givenchy along with also Dior gowns.

Chastain also talks about how getting married was a “significant” moment along with also her mission to be a role product to young girls from the interview.

“I believe which the energy you put into the earth is actually what you get back, so I’m trying to put something positive out there, something to inspire girls along with also go into science, to run for office, to try to join the space program,” she says.

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