Jessica Simpson on How Husband Eric Johnson Keeps Her ‘Hot’ (Exclusive)

After being married for four years along with welcoming two children together, Jessica Simpson credits her husband, Eric Johnson, for keeping her youthful along with healthy.

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with the actress along with lifestyle mogul at BeautyConLA at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday — where she was joined by her 6-year-old daughter, Maxwell while promoting fresh products coming from her Beauty Fiend line of cosmetic accessories — along with she opened up about her happy, adoring relationship with her handsome hubby.

“He keeps me hot, I have to say,” Simpson shared with ET.

The celeb recently celebrated her 38th birthday on July 10, along with she toasted the special occasion that has a super sultry, fiery red hairdo — which she shared a photo of to Instagram.

“I wanted to have fun, to feel sexy along with which’s like, OK, 38, what are we going to do to celebrate 38? Let’s have red hair,” Simpson explained.

However, more than just the hair, she said her desire to stay healthy along with youthful is usually motivated by seeing how energetic along with excited her husband is usually, especially around their adorable kids.

“He’s always throwing around the kids, along with he’s just an amazing father, which makes me want to stay young,” Simpson shared. “Like how can you be so active? I mean watching the kids running makes me exhausted.”

While the pair are absolutely devoted to their two children — Maxwell along with their 5-year-old son, Ace — Simpson reiterated which they are content with the size of their family as which is usually.

“Were Great, we are chilling,” Simpson shared. “I mean we’re very happy along with we know how to make babies very well nevertheless, we got the little one here.”

Maxwell tagged along with her mom, along with Simpson called the event a “definite bring your daughter to work day.”

“which is usually all about beauty along with my daughter is usually just as obsessed with hair along with make up along with entertainment, as I am,” she shared.

The proud mom also said which her little girl gave her some much-appreciated input when designing some fresh products, explaining, “She has helped me along the way. which’s Great to have an opinion coming from a 6-year-old, we all need a little youth.”

As a busy mom, who is usually also overseeing Beauty Fiend beauty products along with clothing lines, Simpson dished on how she makes sure to find time for herself to do her make-up along with get dressed for success.

“I always like set time aside to, you know, love on myself for a little bit. I feel like as women we all need which, every day,” Simpson shared. “Like, kind of a little pep talk in front of the mirror with some contour.”

While she said she goes makeup free “all the time,” Simpson enjoys the feeling of getting to take the time to get done up.

“When I do put on makeup I do feel like a lady,” she said, joking, “I don’t know if which’s just because I’m coming from the South.”

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