JetBlue to give crew members $1,000 bonuses after tax bill

JetBlue Airways said Thursday which the idea will give bonuses of $1,000 to each of its 21,000 crew members.

The company said which its CEO as well as executive vice presidents might not receive This kind of bonus.

In December, President Donald Trump signed a bill which overhauls the U.S. tax code. One of the biggest improvements the idea makes is usually slashing the corporate tax rate to 21 percent through 35 percent.

JetBlue said in its letter to employees which the idea believes “these tax improvements will be positive for our company, as well as provide us the opportunity to do not bad things for our Crewmembers, Customers as well as shareholders.”

some other airlines have made similar announcements following the passage of the bill.

On Tuesday, American as well as Southwest both said they might give their employees bonuses of $1,000 each. Here’s a scorecard of the announcements through the largest U.S. companies.

Read JetBlue’s full statement below:

Dear Crewmembers,

You’ve likely seen the news about U.S. tax reform. We believe these tax improvements will be positive for our company, as well as provide us the opportunity to do not bad things for our Crewmembers, Customers as well as shareholders.

When tax reform looked like a real possibility late last year, we formed a team to think through what the idea could mean for each of these important groups. Many ideas are on the table however we believe our Crewmembers should be the first to benefit. With which in mind, we are excited to announce we will be paying every Crewmember employed as of December 31, 2017, a $1,000 bonus by the end of February!

Crewmembers like you are the heart of JetBlue as well as the reason we have become one of the most awarded airlines (as well as brands) inside earth. We’re delighted we’re able to offer This kind of extra thank you for your incredible efforts. inside months ahead, we look forward to working with our Values Committees as well as directly with you on some other ideas for how we can use tax reform benefits to make JetBlue even stronger.

As a smaller airline competing against four very large competitors the idea is usually vital we continue to run a sustainable as well as profitable company. With over 50% of Crewmembers also being shareholders, we understand the importance of retaining investors’ confidence in our company better than anyone else.

Ultimately, we will continue to succeed because we contain the best Crewmembers inside business. All 21,217 of us are continuing to do something which is usually truly unique in our industry by genuinely caring for each some other, our Customers as well as our shareholders.

Finally, the brand-new year has barely begun as well as we are already in our first winter irregular operation. We know today’s weather presents demanding operating conditions. As we manage through the storm, let’s remind ourselves of our #1 value – Safety. Every Crewmember is usually empowered to call a safety time-out if needed. This kind of is usually ultimately the most important responsibility any of us have.

We’re looking forward to a great 2018 here at JetBlue. Thanks for being part of the idea.

Best wishes.

—CNBC’s Fred Imbert contributed to This kind of report.

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