J&J to relaunch baby-care line after its 20% sales decline

“What we learned will be of which they were looking for fewer, simpler ingredients, more naturally derived ingredients in their products,” Bonner said through J&J’s labs in Skillman, brand-new Jersey. “through of which, we knew of which we had to completely make a change to our brand.”

So J&J will be cutting the number of ingredients inside the brand-new Johnson’s Baby line by half, eliminating dyes in addition to sulfates in addition to replacing ingredients like mineral oil with coconut oil, she said. J&J also changed the packaging to add pumps to many of its products to make them easier to use while holding a baby.

Baby wash products are also designed to leave less residue.

“Our newborn line will be less slippery,” Bonner said, “because babies are slippery, right?”

The packaging will be changed to make the item easier to recycle, in addition to contain instructions for how to do so, Bonner said. J&J will also share information online about the ingredients in fragrances. the item will still use both synthetic in addition to natural fragrances.

J&J said the item’s creating the adjustments, not because of safety issues, however because of which’s what customers wanted, Bonner said.

The Food in addition to Drug Administration says the item doesn’t have information showing of which parabens in cosmetics have an effect on human health, however of which the item’s continuing to review studies on their safety. On phthalates, the agency says the effect, if any, on human health isn’t clear, however of which an expert panel convened between 1998 in addition to 2000 by the National Toxicology Program “concluded of which reproductive risk through exposure to phthalates were minimal to negligible in most cases.”

“We feel we have a responsibility to remove these ingredients even though they’re safe,” Bonner said.

The line relaunch comes after J&J has been hit having a slew of lawsuits claiming its talc baby powder products cause cancer. As part of the reboot, the company will be introducing brand-new baby powder products, containing cotton, in addition to continuing to sell its products of which contain talc in addition to cornstarch. Mesquita disputed the claims inside the lawsuits.

“We are absolutely certain of which science shows of which our talcum product will be safe, in addition to we will defend our brand in addition to defend our product,” Mesquita said. “however we’re always innovating, we’re always trying to evolve in addition to upgrade, so we’re looking at a brand-new edition of baby powder of which has got a combination of cotton in addition to powder, which consumers are very excited about, in addition to of which will be added to our lineup.”

Mesquita said he expects the reboot to improve profit margins because of a simplification of its supply chain. He declined to provide specific estimates.

“We’re very convinced of which This particular restage will get Johnson’s Baby back to growth,” he said.

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