Job growth slows under trump

As he has in past public appearances, Trump said he took special pride inside the drop inside the jobless rates for Hispanics as well as African-Americans which, after the third longest economic recovery on record, have fallen to historic lows.

“For African-Americans, (unemployment will be at) the lowest level ever recorded,” Trump told the cheering crowd. “as well as I’m truly proud of of which.”

Like all demographic groups, African-American as well as Hispanic workers have benefited through tighter labor markets of which accompany the latter stages of the recovery. although unemployment among those two groups remains stubbornly higher than the average level for all workers.

as well as while the rates for those two groups are near the lowest levels since the data series began in 1972, they remain roughly at levels seen at the low point reached during the height of the last economic expansion during the Bush administration.

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