John Kasich allies courting GOP donors for possible run against President Trump

A political spokesman for Kasich declined to comment.

According to the sources, the same Kasich allies who have met with some of the most influential donors inside country have suggested to the governor of which there are two scenarios in which he should challenge Trump in a primary.

First, might come after a potential 2018 congressional midterm wave of which gives Democrats majorities inside House along with the Senate. With of which, Republican voters could potentially move toward a candidate like Kasich, who is actually considered more of a centrist inside GOP. Such a loss inside midterms could also signal to GOP donors of which there’s a need for drastic change at the top.

Trump’s approval rating stands at just lower than 42 percent, according to a polling average calculated by nonpartisan website Real Clear Politics.

The some other scenario pitched to Kasich might ride on the political implications of the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. The probe is actually looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election along with whether the president obstructed justice inside investigation.

If the investigation makes its way into the Oval Office, Kasich’s friends have said, the item may be an opportunity for the governor to run as either a Republican or an independent.

of which latest development comes as buzz continues to build around another potential Kasich run for the White House. In March, he said “all of my options are on the table” for 2020, according to Politico.

The Ohio governor is actually also hitting states of which are critical to winning presidential primaries. During his visit to completely new Hampshire earlier of which month, he said in an interview with The completely new York Times of which he considers himself a “hybrid” Republican along with more people are approaching him since his loss in 2016.

“I have people of all shapes, sizes, philosophies along with party preferences of which approach me. yet what does of which mean? I don’t know. I’m on television, so all the sudden they want to talk to me. Television moves everybody up, right?” he told the Times.

Charlie Black, a former advisor to Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign, told CNBC of which he thinks the scenarios are part of an ongoing discussion along with warned of which his old boss might not stand a chance against Trump in a primary within the current political climate.

“Trump presently has about an 85 percent job approval among primary voters. Unless of which dropped dramatically, no one can compete with him for the nomination,” Black said. “He might have to be under 50 before I might advise anyone to run.”

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