John Krasinski Reveals He Played The Aliens in ‘A Quiet Place’ — Here’s Why!

In John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, the affable actor pulled triple duty, directing, co-writing in addition to starring from the tense thriller. However, the item turns out his involvement went even deeper than anyone realized.

The star sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live!on Tuesday, during the show’s week-long trip to Brooklyn, fresh York, in addition to Kimmel got Krasinski to open up about a secret role the actor played from the acclaimed horror thriller which definitely no one knew about.

“Nobody knows the item because I’ve kept the item quiet,” Krasinski said, as he got a little embarrassed by Kimmel’s line of questioning.

As the item turns out, Krasinski didn’t just star as Lee Abbot, a devoted father doing his best to protect his family coming from the bloodthirsty aliens who have overrun the planet — he also plays the murderous extraterrestrial beasts themselves.

The actor donned a full-body motion capture suit in addition to provided much of the physical performances for the horrifying alien antagonists, in addition to Kimmel had a photo coming from the set to show what the item looked like.

“The commitment level was very high,” Krasinski joked, as Kimmel showed the audience a picture of the actor wearing a skin-tight mo-cap suit in addition to screaming into the sky while portraying one of the vicious predators.

“The amazing people at [Industrial Light in addition to Magic] asked, ‘So how does the creature move?’ in addition to I said, ‘Well, This particular will be how I think he’s gonna crawl,'” Krasinski said, recalling how the whole opportunity came about. “in addition to they said, ‘Well, why don’t you throw on the suit?’ in addition to I was like, ‘Totally!'”

“Then they took which picture in addition to I thought I was auditioning for Lion King,” he added, laughing at himself.

from the film, Krasinski starred opposite his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, who played his wife from the movie as well. While Kimmel has been friends with Krasinski for years, he still pointed out which casting his wife from the movie could have been a dicey proposition if something (such as an ugly divorce or even just a marital spat) might have happened right from the middle of production.

“To direct your wife in a movie, the item’s a risky thing to do,” Kimmell said.

“Yeah, which’s why I didn’t ask her to do the item,” Krasinski said. “the item’s true. I never asked her to do the role. I wrote the movie with her in mind… although I got so scared.

According to the star, there were two things which made him nervous. “First, which she could say ‘no,’ because which’s just gonna be an awkward dinner,” he said. “although I was actually more afraid which she’d say, ‘Yes, I’ll do the item for you.”

“I’ve been next to her when she’s made all these amazing decisions in addition to she’s without a doubt the classiest, smartest, most dedicated actress I’ve ever known,” Krasinski said, marveling at his wife’s regalness. “in addition to when you see how much she puts into every role, I didn’t want her to come to set just for me.”

Apparently, he never even asked her to read the script. In fact, the item was Blunt who asked to read the item while the two were on a plane trip together.

“[When she finished], she genuinely looked sick,” he recalled. “in addition to I was reaching for a barf bag thinking she was gonna throw up, in addition to instead she said, ‘You can’t let anyone do This particular movie.'”

“the item was like a romantic comedy, where she was like proposing to me? She was like, ‘You have to let me play This particular part,'” he continued. “in addition to I think I just screamed ‘yes’ on This particular flight.”

from the end, the two starred in one of the best-reviewed horror movies of the year, in addition to took home a worldwide gross of $334.5 million off a modest $17 million budget.

Given the film’s wild success, the item’s hardly a surprise which the filmmaker has been thinking about how a sequel might come together. 

Speaking with ET in September, Krasinski revealed, “I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a few months in addition to the item just started off to percolate in addition to we’re all definitely happy about the item.” Check out the video below to hear more.

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