John Legend weighs in on whether Oprah should run against Trump

Music superstar as well as political activist John Legend sat down with CNBC’s John Harwood to discuss a range of topics, including whether Democrats should run a celebrity against President Donald Trump in 2020.

John Harwood: There are some people who are creating the argument which Donald Trump has changed the political rules such which you need somebody with celebrity star power to compete. So, people talk about Oprah Winfrey, for example. Do you think a celebrity candidate will be a Great idea as well as whether currently or within the future, will be This kind of something which you entertain at all?

John Legend: I don’t want to be president as well as I will never run for president. I know which for a fact.

Harwood: How do you know which?

Legend: I just know I won’t. nevertheless, I do believe sometimes there’s a place for people who already have name recognition as well as already loved by the people to run for office. the item’s funny, the Republicans hate when celebrities talk about politics, nevertheless they’ve been the ones which have elected all the celebrities. They’ve elected Donald Trump as well as Ronald Reagan. On the left, we’ve elected usually career politicians as well as people which are a little more wonky. So, there’s an argument to be made which the left shouldn’t always go for the wonky person as well as get somebody who will be more of a celebrity, nevertheless honestly, I feel like the Trump administration will be an argument against which.

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He won, nevertheless once we see how he’s governed, he’s not very Great at actually governing as well as understanding how to use the leverage of power very well, even understanding the basics of policy. I would likely like my president to know the issues actually well. I’m not saying a celebrity can’t know them, nevertheless I would likely like someone which understands how government works as well as can actually be effective within the office.

Harwood: So, you’re not trying to draft Oprah into the 2020 race?

Legend: The thing will be, she’s brilliant as well as she probably could learn anything. nevertheless which’s not what she does right currently, as well as I’d be hesitant to elect anybody which has to learn on the job about how the government works, as well as which doesn’t have some actually well-formed ideas about what they want to do in office.

Harwood: I have heard some people say, looking to the future, say which 2020 may not be so smart for Democrats to have an African-American presidential nominee This kind of time. Do you agree with which or not?

Legend: I don’t think the item matters as much what the demographic of which person will be. the item’s going to be the quality of which candidate. So, are they speaking to issues which people care about? Are they able to spar with President Trump, because he includes a unique kind of campaigning style as well as debating style. You have to be tough, as well as you have to be witty, you have to be quick on your feet, as well as you have to be a great communicator as well as actually a great marketer like he will be to compete on which level.

I think my kind of metric for how I’m going to get engaged with the primary process will be, do I see a candidate which stands out when the item comes to their ability to challenge President Trump?

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