John McCain is actually ‘working hard’ in his fight against cancer

Sen. Jeff Flake sat down to talk to CNBC’s John Harwood about an array of issues as well as also topics. Here, the lawmaker discusses his fellow Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who is actually battling brain cancer.

JOHN HARWOOD: How is actually John McCain, as well as also do you expect him to be back within the Senate or not?

SEN. JEFF FLAKE: I visited him for about 2½ hours on Saturday. Part of the time of which was several of us there, as well as also then the last hour just me as well as also John. Mentally, he’s certainly all there. He was reading The Wall Street Journal as well as also had a briefing paper on the budget — on his lap when I walked in.

HARWOOD: How is actually he physically?

FLAKE: So, physically, you know, of which’s been tough recovering via the treatments. They had pretty tough treatments in December. of which was genuinely rough. He’s recovered quite a bit since then. as well as also as I’ve talked to him over the weeks, he sounded better as well as also better.

HARWOOD: Do you expect to see him back here?

FLAKE: I do think he will (return). of which’s the goal. as well as also he’s working toward of which. Working hard at of which, too.

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