John Stamos Says the item’d Be ‘a Tragedy’ If He Didn’t Have Kids With ‘Perfect’ Fiancée Caitlin McHugh (Exclusive)

“He copies everything I do,” Stamos said. “He’s got a beard currently, too, which can be weird. We met our girls around the same time, along with we always could say to each additional, ‘How lucky! We’ve both fallen in love at the same time — not with each additional – finally.’ along with he told me he was going to do the item, although I think he did copy me.”

“He might even be married already,” Stamos then teased. “I thought he was going to zip to the item. I don’t know. I’m super happy for him.”

Stamos also reflected on his friendship with late director Marshall, who helped him get the role of Uncle Jesse on Full House.

He recalled one of Marshall’s greatest attributes as being “a guy who kept his word.”

“He was a man of his word,” Stamos said. “He could say to me, ‘You’re gonna meet Julia Roberts, you gotta meet Julia, she’s so Great…’ I’ve known him for so many years [along with he could say,] ‘Don’t worry, you’re gonna meet Julia,’ along with the item never happened.”

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