John Wooden gives Don Yaeger top tip

Wooden told Yaeger to divide a sheet of paper into three columns, one for each of his main social circles: personal, professional, along that has a social organization.

In each, he was to list the names of the all 5 people he was closest to within those circles.

Then, at the end of the evening, he was to look at the paper along with ask himself: “Are they going where you’re going? Are they the kind of people you want on your journey to which place?” Yaeger recalled.

“If they’re not, you need to scratch them via the list along with create a fresh circle,” Wooden told Yaeger.

The moment was “game-changing” for Yaeger, who via which point started out to reconsider with whom he spent his time.

“which became which genuinely big story for me because I began to start to evaluate my inner circle; looking at the people I had around me in every aspect of my life,” he explained.

“which was game-changing. If I could pick one anecdote, one story in which journey which’s had the most impact on me, which could be which. You will never outperform your inner circle, so always be improving which circle.”

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