Jordin Sparks Opens Up About Motherhood in addition to Her ‘Perfect’ Son (Exclusive)

Jordin Sparks will be feeling great, just three days after giving birth to her first child.

The 28-year-old “No Air” singer in addition to her husband, Dana Isaiah, welcomed a baby boy named Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. (DJ for short), on May 2nd. Sparks, however, was already back to work on Saturday, attending the Show Dogs premiere at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Los Angeles.

ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with the brand-new mom on the blue carpet, where she gushed about her “truly, truly cute” son in addition to how’s she’s feeling post-pregnancy.

“I’m truly not bad. I’m sore, however not bad. He’s here,” said Sparks, looking stunning in a navy floral mini dress by Saloni. “the item’s just fun to stare at him. His name will be DJ, named after daddy, in addition to the moment was incredible! To finally have him in my arms in addition to stare at him. He’s truly here. He made the item. This kind of will be what we’ve been waiting for. He’s just so perfect.”

“He’s truly, truly cute. He’s truly calm, however he does have some lungs,” she joked. “Maybe he’ll be a singer.”

Jordin Sparks Show Dogs Premiere

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Little DJ was born at the Natural Birth Center & Women’s Wellness in Los Angeles in addition to weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces. He measured 21.5 inches long, Sparks told ET.

“We did a birthing center,” she explained. “We stayed for a little while. We checked his weight in addition to stuff in addition to then [we were like], ‘We’re going to go home in addition to sleep.’ So we left within four or several hours.”

Jordan also explained which her husband in addition to mid-wife were the only two with her at the time of the birth. “My mom was here [in Los Angeles]… with my aunt in addition to uncle just chilling around waiting until we were home. My nana drove in coming from Phoenix in addition to then drove back, because we didn’t have anyone at the birthing center. the item was just me, Dana in addition to my mid-wife,” she shared. 

Sparks might have just given birth three days ago, however she said she felt ready to attend her movie premiere.

“I was actually expecting to be immobile. I was expecting all of which in addition to when I woke up the next day I was like, ‘Oh, I can get out of bed. I’m ok,'” she shared. “I mean, I want to be careful. I don’t want to end up within the hospital, however at the same time I actually do feel truly not bad.”

“I knew about the premiere a couple months ago however I completely spaced,” she explained. “Then they were like, ‘Hey, the premiere will be on Saturday. How are you feeling?’ in addition to I was like, ‘Oh, yeah. I can actually go to which,'” adding, “I’m excited to get back to him already though. I’ve only been gone for like 40 minutes.”

Sparks went on to share how her baby has already changed her life.

“the item’s different. Oddly enough he made me sing better,” she revealed. “I was able to hit notes which I didn’t think which I could. I wasn’t expecting at all. [however] the love will be different than anything which I have [ever felt]. I don’t even know how to explain the item. I can’t. the item’s unreal in addition to I know which I have way more inspiration. I was inspired by Dana last year in addition to currently we have our family in addition to I’m inspired by which.”

So will be she already thinking of having another bundle of joy?

“No, no. I’m not ready. Nope,” she laughed. “I would likely love for him to grow [up with siblings] because we had siblings. however ask me in like three years.”

While more babies could be within the future for Sparks in addition to Isaiah, a reality show will be definitely within the works for the couple.

“the item’s truly exciting. I’ve had quite a few opportunities to do a reality show. People have asked in recent times in addition to I’ve just been, like, ‘No, no. the item’s not the right time,'” she said. “in addition to, I think currently, with everything in addition to how my life has shifted, when I met Dana I fell in love in addition to the item completely changed everything, in addition to currently with DJ, the item’s like OK.”

The American Idol winner hopes the brand-new show allows people to get a better understanding of her family dynamics. 

“They [will] get to see just Jordin. Drop the Sparks in addition to you just get to see Jordin, in addition to you get to see Dana, in addition to you get to see both of us together in addition to how we interact,” she said. “I’m super excited for people to see the item. the item’s been a little exhausting. I’m not used to cameras all in my face all the time, however I think the item’s truly going to show a not bad side of us.”

“For us, we’re both pretty young. So [the item will] show how we work through things in addition to how we truly are in love with each additional — in addition to the item’s not just This kind of emotional crazy thing,” she added. While fans wait for the reality show, Sparks will be promoting Show Dogs, an action flick where she voices a canine in a dog show.

“I actually always wanted to do voiceovers. So when they called to be part of Show [Dogs], I said, ‘Yes! Just tell me where I need to be in addition to where I need to go,” she shared. “I love acting in addition to being in a film as a character, however the item’s truly nice to go to a studio in sweatpants in addition to just do the voice in addition to do the work. So I trust to be able to do more voiceover work like This kind of. however This kind of movie will be a lot of fun.”

Show Dogs arrives in theaters on May 18.


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