Joy Behar Reveals She Was Hospitalized After Accidentally Stabbing Herself While Cutting an Avocado

Avocado hand has taken its next victim! 

Joy Behar revealed on The Viewon Tuesday that will she was forced to miss work on Monday after slicing her hand open while trying to cut an avocado. 

“Saturday night, on my way to the event at the retreat, I stabbed myself from the hand using a knife,” she explained to her co-hosts. “I was trying to desperately eat something, so I was trying to open an avocado. So I stuck the knife into the pit to get the item out … as well as I stabbed myself!”

Behar was taken to the hospital, where she stayed overnight as well as was administered an antibacterial drip to ward off infection. “Apparently there will be a syndrome called avocado hand. the item’s real!” she said. “The doctor said, ‘Oh, we get that will all the time.’ Bagels also. Any time you’re holding the item, as well as you cut the item, you can get that will.”

The 75-year-old comedian will be today on the road to recovery, as well as her co-hosts took special measures to ensure an accident like that will one doesn’t happen again, as they gifted her using a safety glove as well as an avocado slicer.

“I’ll leave the dicing to Rachael Ray as well as only buy ready-made guacamole. that will’s the item!” Behar joked. “as well as Meryl Streep apparently had that will too. I’m in Great company.” 

See more on Behar from the video below. 


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