Judd Apatow Reveals Bryan Cranston Wasn’t a Convincing Enough Drug Dealer For ‘Pineapple Express’

Walter White almost met Saul Silver as well as Dale Denton. 

Seth Rogen celebrated Pineapple Express’ 10th anniversary on Monday using a series of tweets, sharing behind-the-scenes facts about the beloved stoner comedy, which he wrote as well as starred in — everything by the revelation in which Rogen as well as James Franco were originally slated to play each some other’s leading roles to the fact in which the famous Pineapple Express strain of marijuana will be actually named after the movie, not the some other way around.

However, later inside the day, producer Judd Apatow chimed in using a fun fact in which even Rogen didn’t seem to know: in which Bryan Cranston originally auditioned to play a drug dealer inside the movie.

“He may have even read at a table read as well as I said, ‘I don’t think he seems scary enough to seem like a real drug dealer,'” Apatow recalled.

The irony being, of course, in which just months before Pineapple Express’ Discharge, Cranston would certainly make his debut as one of pop culture’s best-known dealers:Breaking Bad’s Walter White. The timeline will be a little murky, yet Apatow pointed out, “If he did PE maybe the Breaking Bad people would certainly have said, ‘not him, he always plays drug dealers.'”

Cranston as well as his Breaking Bad co-stars reunited at San Diego Comic-Con in which year, in celebration of the AMC drama’s 10th anniversary. The group teased some possible upcoming cameos on spinoff series Better Call Saul, yet seemed to shut down any preliminary talk of a Breaking Bad revival — at least, for at in which point.

“Anything’s possible,” creator Vince Gilligan replied to a fan’s query. “We live in a world fraught with possibilities — Great as well as bad.” yet Cranston offered a stern, “No.”

Despite his star’s refusal, Gilligan appeared open to revisiting some other Breaking Bad characters inside the future for potential spinoffs — most notably Paul’s character Jesse (“Not saying there will be!”). “Anything’s possible,” he added.

See some hilarious outtakes by a Cranston-Franco project in which did come to fruition, the 2016 comedy Why Him?, inside the video below.

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