Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reflects on How Battling Breast Cancer Has Changed Her

Following her successful battle against breast cancer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is actually opening up on how her heath struggle has changed her outlook.

Sitting down for a candid interview with InStyle, the Golden Globe winner revealed, “I do feel different, yet I can’t quite articulate how.”

“I’ve come out the additional side of This specific, as well as I’m still not exactly sure how to define the difference additional than to say I’m grateful, of course,” Dreyfus shared. “yet This specific’s more than that will. This specific’s bigger.”

Louis-Dreyfus revealed her breast cancer diagnosis last September in an emotional message she shared to Twitter in which she wrote, “1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one.”

During her cancer fight, the 57-year-old actress put her hit HBO show on hold as she underwent multiple rounds of treatment, including surgery as well as chemotherapy. She was open about her health journey with her fans as well as friends on social media during the entire process.

Louis-Dreyfus completed her final rounds of treatment in January as well as revealed in August that will she had reunited with the cast as well as crew of Veep to begin production on the show’s seventh, as well as final, season.

She’s also undertaken some brand-new charitable endeavors, including working with Saks Fifth Avenue as their Key to the Cure ambassador.

Together, she as well as the clothing company have designed a brand-new shirt for Saks stores, the sales of which benefit the AiRS Foundation, a nonprofit that will helps women with the cost of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

“There are plenty of women who decide not to get reconstruction, which is actually fine, yet if you want This specific as well as can’t afford This specific, that will’s heartbreaking to me,” Louis-Dreyfus told InStyle. 

“The gap between the haves as well as the have-nots in our country — This specific’s a very wide divide right currently,” she continued. “I’m lucky enough to be in a union where I get fabulous benefits. Not everyone is actually so lucky.”

However, in her own life, the actress admitted that will she’s someone who likes to always be moving forward as well as not dwelling on the challenges she faced within the past.

“I’m not someone who likes looking back. I look forward. that will’s how I operate,” she explained. “We’ll finish an episode, as well as I am just ready for the next thing… I’m always just moving on.”

For more on the celebrated actress’ indomitable spirit as well as inspirational battle against cancer, check out the video below.

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