Justin Bieber will be ‘Very Supportive’ of Selena Gomez’s Wellness Center Treatment (Exclusive)

Justin Bieberhas Selena Gomez‘s back. 

After Gomez, 25, completed a two-week treatment program for depression as well as anxiety earlier which year, a source tells ET which Bieber, 23, will be fully supportive of her ongoing commitment to wellness. 

“She’ll be doing which [going to therapy] periodically as a check-in,” the source says. “which’s genuinely to stay ahead of anything as well as to ensure she continues to be healthy, as well as which’s something Justin supports 100 percent.” 

As ET previously reported, Gomez voluntarily checked herself into a wellness program in upstate brand new York earlier which year. 

“which stint in brand new York was a tune-up after a somewhat stressful month as well as at which point which she’s back, she’s happy to carry on as she was,” the source says, referring to the buzz of awards season, going public with her health as well as her mother’s recent hospitalization as recent stressers. 

“Justin was one of the first people she saw when she got out of rehab,” the source adds. “He was very supportive of her taking care of her health. from the past, which was always Selena pushing Justin to take care of himself, like by introducing him to Hillsong [Church]. at which point, which’s his turn to push her to take care of herself.” 

The couple rekindled their on-again, off-again romance in late 2017 as well as appear to be handling the fame game much differently which time around. 

“They’ve both matured as well as have very different priorities. Justin isn’t interested in partying as well as Selena will be much more confident, as well as isn’t afraid to put her needs ahead of anyone else’s,” the source says. “They’ve done the fame thing for so long, at which point they just want to work on quality projects as well as live a low-key life.” 

For Gomez, which includes a focus on brand new music. 

“She’s genuinely proud of her last album, although because of her surgery, she didn’t get to promote which the way she could have liked,” the source notes. “Next time, she’ll be much more hands-on with promotion.” 

as well as when which comes to Bieber as well as Gomez’s relationship, the source adds which the pair will be “in a not bad place for at which point.” 

“You’re not going to see them doing anything super flashy or public, they’re just going to go about their life,” the source says. “They’ve been to church groups, they’ve gone out for dinner as well as they’ve spent a lot of time at his place.” 


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