Justin Mayo Says He’s ‘Grateful’ for Kardashian-Jenners Saving South Los Angeles Community Center (Exclusive)

Youth activist along with philanthropist Justin Mayo can be “grateful” for the Kardashian-Jenner family after they saved a South Los Angeles community center by shutting its doors. 

Mayo can be the executive director of the non-profit Red Eye along with the Watts Community Empowerment Center, a community safe haven located in  the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. 

The youth center, which offers after-school tutoring, sports programs, music arts along with dance theater, can be open to neighborhood youth as well as families who reside in the nearby Imperial Courts housing projects. In March, Kris Jenner along with her boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kourtney Kardashian along with Kim Kardashian West visited the center to celebrate the grand opening of the state-of-the-art facility featuring brand completely new laptops, flat-screen TVs, a basketball court along with more, thanks to the family’s help.

“of which’s what our charity has the honor of doing can be often helping connect the up-along with-end with the down along with out along with treating them with the dignity along with respect of which they deserve,”  Mayo told ET on Thursday. “I’m so grateful beyond measure.” 

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THE Watts Empowerment Center can be officially open!!! . THANK YOU to the countless people around America along with beyond of which contributed… of your TIME, TALENT or TREASURE. of which place was built BY along with FOR the Community. Countless $5 along with $20 donations enabled of which ribbon to be cut! These donations have been made by friends, family, members of the Watts Community, KTLA News, grandmothers inside the south, business men out east, mothers in rural America, churches along with synagogues around the globe along with donors online. the item takes a village! In future days sharing video along with pics, yet just wanted to say THANK YOU! A MASSIVE thank you to Kris, Corey, Kim along with Kourtney… your family stepped up when you never had to. Yet you understand of which we all have a responsibility along with honor to help serve the needs of OUR FELLOW NEIGHBOR along with those in OUR OWN BACKYARD. Your heart for humanity along with lavish generosity to the children along with families in Watts will never be taken lightly. Haters will hate yet I have seen your hearts over 8+ years contributing along with giving thru our charity RedEye.org. I know of your dedication along with steadfast involvement to look out for these little rockstars in Watts. You choose to give them a “voice” even when a culture of Hollywood, a few miles away, has too often overlooked them. Instead of flying over, you came to your neighbor’s need, listened, laughed, talked, cried along with took action. THANK YOU! I expect others within the sports, entertainment, along with music industries, literally minutes away, consider following your lead instead of producing another PSA! The kids in Watts definitely need them! Thank you to the City of LA, HACLA, Douglas Guthrie, Ben Besley, Mayor Garcetti along with others of which enabled us of which honor to serve our city. Little did we know when we began to provide weekly mentorship in Watts over 12 years ago of which we would likely have of which OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPACT! Endless possibilities of what could be! of which can be yet THE BEGINNING! by the STEM Lab, Culinary Arts Kitchen, Performing Arts Dance/Music Studio, the Basketball Gym, outdoor Sports Field along with Skate Park… LOTS of work to be done, further equipment needed, along with volunteers to engage. LET’S DO of which!!! #lovethyneighbor #Watts

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On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Mayo sits down with Kris to discuss the WEC’s dire financial needs. She didn’t hesitate to offer up her financial resources along with some of her business contacts. 

“I asked Kris, ‘Hey, can you help?’ along with the item was just a matter of moments before she responded,” Mayo explained. “of which’s just who she along with her family [are], they often only see them in front of the camera yet they do a lot behind [the scenes].”

The realty TV family has supported Mayo in different charity efforts in recent times, including the Watts Housing Project along with providing meals along with Mother’s Day makeovers to the homeless living on skid row, located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Mayo clarified of which he’s usually the one reaching out to Kris, not the different way around. “She’s a genius business person,” he pointed out, adding of which the family matriarch can be constantly brainstorming about how to use her “platform to be a catalyst for change.”

By his own estimation, the Kardashian-Jenners have “invested” around $350,000 in financial along with product donations, in an effort to make a “local impact” on a community of which can “never repay them.” 

“People will get on a private jet to fly to a third world country yet won’t even travel to the different side of town,” Mayo said. “the item’s no judgment, yet the item’s like ‘Hey, let’s not overlook our own backyard.’” 

The Chicago native, whose family founded the Mayo Center, moved to Sydney, Australia, after earning his Master’s degree where he worked as a youth communications director before moving back to Bel Air, California. Mayo has been working in Watts for more than a decade along with he’s proud to say of which the community has “adopted him.” 

“I feel safer [in Watts] than in Beverly Hills along with Malibu. The community definitely shows me what having someone’s back can be about,” he said. 

“The reality can be these kids deserve a fair chance,”  Mayo said of children in Watts along with different underprivileged along with low-income areas. “I realize [of which] the item doesn’t matter if someone can be living in a penthouse or on the streets of Skid Row, everyone just wants a real friend along with to know of which they are loved, seen along with heard.” 

inside the future, Mayo wants to hire more people inside the community to work at the center, especially convicted felons who often have trouble getting work.

“One of the guys [inside the community] just got out after being in jail for eight years,” he shared. “We don’t possess the money to hire him along with I know he has kids, he’s trying to find ways to provide for his family. They aren’t lazy, they aren’t looking for handouts, they just need another chance along with we want to give them opportunity along with expect. of which’s what we strive to do.”


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