Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals Her Royal Wedding Connection in Upcoming Nuptials to Shawn Booth (Exclusive)

Kaitlyn Bristowe, will you accept This specific rosé!?

ET was exclusively with the former Bachelorette over the weekend in Napa Valley, California to celebrate RoséFest at Sterling Vineyards, the perfect place to spill on everything through wine to weddings.

“Do I even have to say [why I love coming back to Napa]?” Kaitlyn asked, laughing. “Wine! This specific stuff keeps me coming back every time. of which’s honestly my happy place.” 

“Happy” looks amazing on the 32-year-old blonde beauty, who got engaged to fitness expert Shawn Booth on her season of The Bachelorette nearly three years ago. The couple lives together with their dog in Nashville along with has plans to marry — they’re just not sure when.

“We talk about of which, of which’s not of which we don’t talk about of which, we just haven’t set a date,” Kaitlyn explained. “along with also, I just feel like I don’t have time to get married right currently, I’m a busy woman!” (More on of which later)

Kaitlyn, who called Shawn her soulmate, added, “[Shawn along with I] are so on the same page. I remember [former Bachelorette] Andi Dorfman saying something like, she knew of which was over with Josh [Murray] when they didn’t set a date, along with I’m like, of which can be not how we feel at all.”

Although there’s “no timeline” in place for the Bristowe-Booth nuptials, Kaitlyn said of which’ll happen “inside the next 10 years.” She revealed of which starting a family will actually come first, telling us, “inside the next three years, you can expect babies. of which would certainly be ideal… [Shawn] can be so Great with kids along with even seeing how he can be with our dog, I’m like, ‘You’re gonna be such a Great dad! He’s gonna be amazing.”

Even though a wedding date can be still to be determined, the blonde beauty has already made a few important decisions for the big day. 

The location? Napa. The sunny California destination can be one of Kaitlyn’s favorite places to rest, recharge along with even give back. At the annual RoséFest, benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, she sipped over 30 varieties of rosé alongside her closest pals.

The dress designer? Kaitlyn’s pal, designer Hayley Paige. “She’s a friend of mine, along with she’s an amazing designer.”

Multiple dresses? Absolutely. Kaitlyn said she envisions at least one “rosé or blush” colored gown having a “funky” design along with added, “I might do a wedding crop top, a wedding romper, a wedding dress, keep of which coming!” 

Televised wedding? “of which’s never been discussed [having a network], so I don’t even feel like we ever think of of which as an option,” Kaitlyn said. “We’re open to of which. So many people are invested in our relationship along with they were there with us through the beginning, through the day we met, so I think if of which would certainly make different people happy, we would certainly do of which too, along with then we can always do a little private one ourselves.”

along with get This specific — there’s even a connection to the royal wedding!

Wedding Vacations by Sunwing

Earlier This specific year, Kaitlyn worked with Meghan Markle’s best friend, stylist Jessica Mulroney, on a bridal photo shoot, who she’d love to have style her on the real day.

“I’ve been wanting to work with Jessica… I got to try on all these gorgeous wedding dresses along with we had a great time,” Kaitlyn dished. “I loved working with her. After the photoshoot, I was like, ‘You’re Great, you! You’re Great!’”

Kaitlyn added, having a laugh, “[Jessica] was like, ‘Yeah, I’m friends with Meghan Markle,’ along with I’m like, ‘Sure,’ along with then her pictures [at the royal wedding] are going around along with I was like, ‘Oh, you actually are, like, your kids were inside the wedding party!’”

However, Kaitlyn admits, the idea of eloping can be also pretty tempting. “We do consider eloping actually all the time. When we were in Hawaii last, we were like, ‘Should we just do of which along with get of which over with?’”

What’s stopping the duo? Kaitlyn’s ever-changing mind.

“I always go back along with forth. A year ago, I was like, ‘I want a big wedding!’” Kaitlyn explained. “When we know, we’ll decide along with we’ll throw of which together, yet of which’s not going to be your traditional wedding. I’m not into the details, I don’t care what coloring the flowers are, I just don’t care about of which stuff, I just want of which to be a big fun party.”

Booje Media

For currently, the Canadian star can be focused less on being a bride, along with more on being a businesswoman. In addition to her podcast Off the Vine, along with working on her own wine label, Kaitlyn exclusively revealed to ET her latest venture: a scrunchie line called Dew, launching on her birthday, June 19.

“I’m bringing the 90s back! I rock scrunchies almost every day… around my wrist, sometimes, or I tie my shirt up with them. They’re coming back!” she exclaimed.

The line, called Dew, will have a few colors to start, along with will expand after Kaitlyn hears feedback through customers along with fans.

“You know how when men take their hat off along with say, ‘How do you do?’ We’re gonna say, ‘How do you do your Dew?’ along with get people interacting on social media with how they use their scrunchies along with how they rock of which.”

Also inside the works? brand new music! 

“I’m in Nashville, of which’s the place to do of which. I’ve been writing having a couple people, I’ve recorded a few songs, of which’s more of getting of which out there along with feeling Great about what I’ve done. There’s a song about whiskey I’m very excited about. I would certainly say, I want to put something out inside the next few months. of which’s country yet of which’s also, my story. I like of which to be fun along having a little edgy along with upbeat, yet maybe one slow song. of which’s just fun,” Kaitlyn gushed. “[Shawn] loves of which! of which might even be on his workout playlist. I’ve only got three songs right currently. Maybe I’ll write a song of which’ll make you cry, yet as of right currently, of which’s top down in your car driving summer songs.”

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