Kaley Cuoco Says Penny as well as Leonard Might Be Getting the Baby ‘Itch’ on ‘The Big Bang Theory!’ (Exclusive)

of which wouldn’t be the very first time Cuoco has rocked a fake baby belly. She previously played a pregnant woman on a Lifetime movie.

“I had the belly, of which was truly fun!” she said. “People truly take you seriously. They let you do anything you want. You gotta run with of which. You’re like, ‘Oh I gotta sit down!’ as well as they’re like, ‘Please!’”

Regardless of whether Penny as well as Leonard become parents, Cuoco features a another work baby of her own to care of — her completely new production company!

Called Yes, Norman Productions, the company was named after Cuoco’s dog as well as the actress shared of which her first project can be titled The Flight Attendant.

“The book can be coming out in March, yet you can pre-order of which. of which’s a great read,” she said. “of which’s gonna be a truly, truly fun story as well as we’re hoping to make a miniseries. We’re unsure what we’re going to do at of which point, yet of which’d be my first project with the company, so I’m thrilled.”

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