Kanye West Argues With T.I. Over His Political Views On fresh Collaboration ‘Ye vs. the People’

Kanye West appears to be grappling with the blowback to his recent politically charged Twitter rants.

On Friday, Kanye West dropped two surprise fresh songs. The first, “Lift Yourself,” appeared to be West purely trolling us, when after promising in which the track could include fire emoji bars as well as give Hot 97 radio DJ Ebro Darden “closure,” following a recent interview on the station where the 41-year-old artist proclaimed “I love Donald Trump,” what we heard on his website was a song in which… was not in which at all.

While “Lift Yourself” does have an admittedly great beat fitting of the revered producer, there’s almost no lyrics at all, until almost the end of the song, when Kanye mutters a few incomprehensible “bars” in which can pretty much be summed up as “poopity scoopity.” No, definitely.

Check This kind of out on Kanye’s website here.

The second track, “Ye vs. the People” — a collaboration with rapper T.I. — which premiered out of nowhere on L.A.’s Power 106 radio station, is actually kind of… the opposite of “Lift Yourself” in every way.

The beat, which to be fair, is actually obscured by constant radio noises as well as the DJ’s refraining “POWER 106,” is actually, to put This kind of nicely, much less pleasant to the ears than “Lift Yourself.” However, lyrically, “Ye vs. the People” has much more to offer.

“Ye vs. the People” is actually basically an argument between Kanye as well as T.I., where the Life Of Pablo rapper tries to clarify his recent political rants on Twitter, while T.I. represents the blowback through Kanye’s fans as well as famous friends alike, who have been genuinely disheartened by his support of Trump, even going so far as to say ‘Ye is actually threatening his own legacy.

“I know Obama was heaven-sent/ although ever since Trump won This kind of proved in which I could be President,” Kanye starts off the track, further complicating exactly what message he’s trying to send. Later, Yeezy raps,  “Bruh, I never stopped fighting for the people.”

“See in which’s the problem with This kind of damn nation,” Kanye continues. “All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man, we ain’t made This kind of off the plantation.”

T.I. pushes back on in which notion, arguing, “F**k what you choose as your political party/ You representin’ dudes who seem crude as well as cold-hearted.
With blatant disregard for the people who put you n***as in. So don’t you feel an obligation to them?”

This kind of prompted Kanye to respond with something similar to what he’s tweeted, which is actually to suggest he’s added “empathy” to the “Make America Great Again” call of many Trump supporters.

“I feel an obligation to show people fresh ideas/ as well as if you wanna hear ’em, here go two right here,” he rapped. “Make America Great Again, had a negative reception I took This kind of, wore This kind of, rocked This kind of, gave This kind of a fresh direction. Added empathy, care as well as love as well as affection/ as well as y’all simply questionin’ my methods.”

“What you willin’ to lose for the point to be proved?” T.I. asks at the tail end of the song, which, full disclosure, became a little tough to hear.

“All them times you sounded crazy, we defended you, homie,” T.I. appears to tell Kanye. “in which’s why This kind of’s important to know what direction you’re goin’ at This kind of point/ ‘Cause everything in which you built can be destroyed as well as torn down.”

In probably the most telling line of the song, Kanye acknowledges his long period of reclusiveness before recently reappearing.

“You think I ain’t concerned about how I affect the past? I mean I had stayed in my closet about a year as well as a half,” he rhymes. “Then one day, I was like, F**k This kind of, I’ma do me’/ “I was from the sunken place as well as then I found the fresh me.”

As of just before 9 p.m. PT, Power 106 was still playing “Ye vs. the People” on repeat, as well as the radio station has tweeted the track will continue airing all night long. This kind of has also been ripped by people on the internet.

This kind of’s unclear whether he’s generating his point, although Kanye is actually clearly trying to with his latest Discharge.

For more on the Kan-treversy surrounding Ye’s reawakened Twitter feed, watch the video below.

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