Kate Middleton Hopes to Preserve ‘Appreciating Childhood’ With brand-new Victorian Photography Exhibit

Kate Middleton. Duchess of Cambridge, mother of two (soon to be three!) as well as “enthusiastic amateur photographer.”

According to a tweet through Kensington Palace on Friday, the 36-year-old royal is usually curating pieces for the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition on Victorian photography.

Middleton, who is usually currently pregnant with her as well as Prince William’s third child, wrote a foreword for the Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography exhibition catalog, in which she explains she has hand-selected the photographs which will be featured from the gallery’s first-ever Patron’s trail. She also wrote the captions which will appear next to the pieces, which celebrate the birth of art photography in England.

“This specific period from the history of photography has long interested me,” she said. “As a student at the University of St. Andrews, I chose the idea as the subject of my undergraduate thesis as well as photographs of children in particular, which feature predominantly within the exhibition are of real interest to me. These photographs allow us to reflect on the importance of preserving as well as appreciating childhood while the idea lasts.”

“Children held a special place from the Victorian imagination as well as were celebrated for their seemingly boundless potential,” she continued. “This specific notion still rings true for us today as well as the idea underpins much of my official work as well as the charities I have chosen to support, as well as, indeed, my role as a mother of a young family.”

Read Middleton’s full message below:

Her Royal Highness is usually required to make a visit to Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography on Wednesday, Feb. 28. The exhibition will officially be open to the public through March 1 until May 20.

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