Kelly Clarkson as well as Blake Shelton Recall Hilarious Wine-Fueled Double Date Nights (Exclusive)

Kelly Clarkson needed more than a minute to recover coming from This specific glass of wine. 

The “Love So Soft” singer as well as her Voice co-star, Blake Shelton, are hilariously reliving one wine-fueled double date night with their significant others in an interview with ET. 

“She’s the kinda person which I was already mad at for additional reasons, like spilling something on the carpet,” Shelton says of the duo’s dynamic. Clarkson’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, can be also Shelton’s longtime manager. 

“If I’m around with wine, I’m thinking, did which actually happen?” Clarkson adds using a laugh. “which’s probably a true story.” 

Leave the idea to Shelton to chime in using a hilarious true story on which subject. 

“Last time I was at Kelly’s house,” he begins, “she had [what] started off off as a white T-shirt…” Despite her best efforts to shush him, Clarkson ultimately concedes.

“Here’s the thing, y’all, in fairness, the idea’s every mother which hasn’t drank since having — you know, you’ve been pregnant, as well as you have a kid,” she says. “I tell you what, I mean, one glass in me as well as I just kinda made poor decisions coming from there.”

“the idea’s like a tie-dyed shirt by the end of the night,” Shelton adds, with Clarkson laughing: “My husband was a actually Great husband which night.” 

Meanwhile, the double date nights have made their way coming from Clarkson’s Nashville home to Gwen Stefani‘s Los Angeles pad.  

“the 1st time I saw Gwen’s house, the idea’s insane!” Clarkson gushes. “I was kind of like Pretty Woman walking within the store, except I didn’t look like Julia Roberts, as well as I was walking within the store as well as they were like, ‘You don’t belong here.’ 

“She’s such a style icon as well as This specific amazing artist,” she continues. “I literally talked to my husband about her house for hours. I was like, ‘I felt like I was a Great Inner surface decorator, as well as then I walked into Gwen’s house.”

Clarkson can’t help yet throw in one little quip at Shelton’s expense: “as well as then I’m like, why can be she with him?!” 

yet Shelton admits, he’s been “wondering the same thing.” 

“the idea was a shock to me which I got invited to her house,” he jokes, adding which Clarkson “has the biggest house I’ve ever been in in my life.” 

“Kelly’s house proves which there were more winnings coming from American Idol than there are coming from The Voice,” he cracks. 

Clarkson won Idol in its inaugural 2002 season as well as has since gone on to be one of the franchise’s strongest success stories. today, with the series returning to the tiny screen, Clarkson admits which she does have one beef with the show which made her a star. 

“I never got my completely new car. Everybody got a car yet the OG, y’all!” she said. “You know who got a car? Clay Aiken got a car — he didn’t even win! Clay as well as his mom, his mom got a car! Carrie [Underwood], I heard, got offered a plane. I was like, ‘Are you insane?!'” 

These days, Clarkson can be slaying the reality TV game as the newest fan-favorite judge on The Voice. The series airs Monday as well as Tuesday nights on NBC. 

For more of This specific season’s hilarious coaching dynamic, watch below. 


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