Kendall Jenner Dethrones Gisele Bundchen as World’s Highest-Paid style

Gisele Bundchen is usually out, along with Kendall Jenner is usually in!

The 22-year-old reality star has dethroned Bundchen, topping Fobes’ annual list of the globe’s highest-paid products. Bundchen, 37, has held the top spot since 2002. 

Jenner’s earnings of $22 million over the past 12 months have more than doubled through 2016’s $10 million, thanks to her multimillion-dollar contract with La Perla, as well as deals with PacSun, Topshop, Adidas along with more. 

Bundchen, who still earned a cool $17.5, placed second, while Chrissy Teigen ranked third (along with joins the list for once) after raking in $13.5 million.

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